Romney Rams - breed characteristics

Romney Ram
  • sound feet
  • good constitution
  • unassisted birth
  • over 40kgs @ 120 days old
  • vigorous at birth
  • dag free
  • worm tolerance and resistance

Ram breeding, Selection and Recording

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Romney RamsWe place great importance on the selection and recording of our rams to improve our sheep which in turn improves our clients' profitability, sustainability and ease of sheep keeping. We are ruthless in our aims to eradicate all undesirable traits in our sheep. Our aim is to assist in making our clients' sheep farming business as profitable and enjoyable as our own. We record for survivability and lead the way in this sphere.  This ensures our clients have plenty of vigorous, easily born lambs with an abundance of get up and go. We have been foetal egg counting for many years which will reduce drench cost for our clients and we create sheep that will thrive in a wormy environment .

Romney RamsFor growth in the lambs, we record 100 day weights which shows the milkiness that they will inherit.  We also record 200 day weights which shows the growth rates that the ram will pass onto his off-spring as well as recording 6 monthly to show the maturing of the sheep. We can also show the number of lambs the ram has, proving the genetics to pass on their prolificy and fecundity. All stud lambs are scanned for loin and fat depth. This aids with the muscle (meat) in our sheep with positive fat levels for maternal traits in ewes. We feel this is very beneficial for the ewe and contributes to the ease of finishing prime lambs.  For nearly 20 years we have been culling out for lame feet and dags and what a difference we have seen. The worst problem with sheep is sheep with lame feet  - a thing we have not had for a long time. This approach has certainly resulted in us enjoying sheep farming, giving us a great life style.