Viewfield Cattle

We run two herds of cattle at Viewfield - an Angus herd and a herd of Luings.

AngusAngus Cattle

We have 200 Aberdeen Angus cows and have, for the last 9 years been keeping Angus over the Angus. This enables us to breed our own replacements and also sell Angus heifers (bulling, in-calf  with calves at foot). We are delighted with their ease of calving and quiet temperament along with their low maintenance and good growth rates. We have now put a Hereford over our cows to create the 'Black Baldy.'  All cows are kept on cubicles in the winter on rubber slats.


On Todstone, our hill farm block, we run 100 Luing cows outside which we keep pure with the aim to sell Luing heifers. We are delighted with them. Their ease of calving and excellent mothering ability is renowned and they are very calm and easy to work with.
We keep them on a simple, low cost system with deferred winter grazing. The cows are fed cobs on the ground. The calves are speaned and wintered on rubber slats.