David MacTaggart - Hallrule, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, Scottish Borders
"When I bought my first Rams off Marcus and Kate I soon discovered why they
had more wool compared to my previous breeds of rams. You needed it to hold
onto them because they were so active! Unsurprisingly they happily serve 100+ ewes a season.  4 seasons at least - 400 ewes on NO concentrate feeding and 600 lambs to sell and you still have a ram to sell fat after that as well. Now that can't be bad! "

" I put an ad in the Farmers Guardian for my old ewes and the response was staggering. I could have probably sold my 1/2 my flock! I was still getting replies a couple of weeks later so it was a very encouraging response. I certainly look forward to buying from Marcus and Kate again so that I can continue to enhance my own flock. I  wish them all the best for their future. "

Martin Jones -  Gospenheale Farm, Cornwall
"We were very pleased with the rams we had from you last year. They have been no trouble at all and have performed well. They never really lost condition and yielded me 7.5 kgs of wool each! One ram served 105 ewes in the snow and got them in lamb to 189%. We recently started selling the wether lambs at 14 weeks of age with neither ewes nor lambs having even a sniff of concentrate, although I must admit the sheep down here haven't had a better spring and  summer for many years. Please could you send me your list of this years rams please."

Bill Okane - Cree Billy Farm, Northern Ireland
"Generally the Romneys have been great. They've allowed us to move from indoor to outdoor lambing without losing either lamb numbers or growth rate. I leave the lambing fields by 7 o'clock every evening. That's made a huge improvement to family life.  Docility and mastitis are improved. Feet are also vastly improved. Prolapses have been a problem and we are making several changes this year on that front to address this. Lambing ease has been excellent. We now have 1000 Romney ewes and sell approx 45 rams each year with a high rate of repeat customers so most users seem as satisfied as we are."