Romney Wool

Romney WoolRomneys have fantastic, high quality wool at 29 - 35 microns. They also produce lots of it - around 5kg per ewe. My view therefore has always been to make the most of their own supreme natural product. In all the years that we have kept Romneys we have always made a profit from our wool despite historically low wool prices.

Since 2010 we have shorn our ewes twice with great success. Ewes maintain body condition better and this decision also triggered a jump in our scanning percentage. We also shear all our lambs in July which I definitely think helps growth weights through summer and autumn. The yield over a kg of wool is not bad for a 3 month old lamb. Of course our rams also have a role to play and we select them as both lamb and wool producers.

Romney WoolIt's heartening to see that wool seems to be making a great resurgence at the moment. It's certainly proving its worth as a very versatile product.