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What does it all mean?

DPO = Dual Purpose Overall Index, which incorporates the listed EBV's below:

WWTBV = Weaning weight breeding value (kg) (direct 'lamb' effect - 'lamb growth')
WWTMBV = Weaning weight maternal breeding value (kg) (maternal effect - 'milking ability')
LW8BV = Live weight at 8 months of age (kg)
NLBBV = Number of lambs born (lambs per ewe lambing)
SURBV = Survival to weaning (direct 'lamb' effect) "lamb vigour"
LNLVBV = Eye muscle depth breeding value (mm)
FATBV = Fat depth breeding value (mm)
FECBV = Faecal egg count breeding value

How do I use these BV's?

Example 1 for WWTBV:
A ram with a weaning weight BV (WWTBV) of 2.0kg is estimated to sire lambs that are 1.0kg heavier at weaning, compared to a ram with a WWTBV of 0.0kg.

Example 2 for WWTMBV:
A ram with a weaning weight maternal BV (WWTMBV) of 1.0kg is estimated to produce daughters that wean lambs that are 0.5kg heavier, compared with a ram with WWTMBV of 0.0kg.